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My Impression

Gino Lattuca Quartet, Michel Herr, Michel Hadzigiorgiu [Michel Hatzigeorgiou], Mimi Verderame

Label : B.Sharp Records
Reference : 085
Date : 1992

1 Ups And Downs Michel Herr 6:57
2 Concoa Para Voce Gino Lattuca 4:44
3 My Impression Gino Lattuca 7:09
4 The Peacocks Jimmy Rowles 5:26
5 Family Blues Mimi Verderame 4:00
6 Last Pleasure Mimi Verderame 4:4
7 In The Street Gino Lattuca 4:38
8 Song From Your Father Michel Herr 4:15
9 You Don’t Know What Love Is Don Raye, Gene De Paul [Gene DePaul] 8:50
Featured Artists
Bass Michel Hadzigiorgiu [Michel Hatzigeorgiou]
Drums Mimi Verderame
Piano Michel Herr
Trumpet Gino Lattuca

Recorded at Mimi Verderame’s home studio. Released in 1992. CD (B Sharp CDS 085).
Mastered by : P. Castin [Pierre Castin]
Mixed by : L. Tytgat [Luc Tytgat]
Mixed by : M. Verderame [Mimi Verderame]

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