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Our Delight

George Wallington

Label : Prestige [Prestige 24000 Series - 24093]
Reference : P-24093
Date : 1980

A1 Love Beat George Wallington 2:49
A2 Summer Rain George Wallington 2:42
A3 Escalating George Wallington 2:37
A4 Laura Raksin [David Raksin], Mercer [Johnny Mercer] 2:53
A5 Tenderly Lawrence [Jack Lawrence], Gross [Walter Gross] 2:55
A6 When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New Douglas [Bert Douglas], McCarthy [Charles McCarthy], Solieri [Joseph Solieri] 2:32
A7 Red White And Blue George Wallington 2:40
A8 Arrivederci George Wallington 2:24
B1 Squezeer Breezer George Wallington 2:16
B2 Among Friends George Wallington 2:54
B3 Variations George Wallington 4:32
B4 My Nephew And I George Wallington 2:36
B5 Ours Leonard Feather 2:27
B6 I Married An Angel Rodgers-Hart [Rodgers & Hart] 2:29
B7 Cuckoo Around The Clock George Wallington 2:22
C1 Our Delight Tadd Dameron 5:34
C2 Our Love Is Here To Stay G. & I. Gershwin [George & Ira Gershwin] 5:28
C3 Foster Dulles Frank Foster 5:04
D1 Together We Wail Phil Woods 6:49
D2 What’s New ? Haggart [Bob Haggart], Burke [Johnny Burke] 7:08
D3 But George Phil Woods 5:49
Featured Artists
Alto Saxophone Phil Woods C1-C3,D1-D3
Bass Charlie Mingus [Charles Mingus] A1-A4
Bass Curly Russell B1-B7
Bass Oscar Pettiford A5-A8
Bass Teddy Kotick C1-C3,D1-D3
Drums Arthur Taylor [Art Taylor] C1-C3,D1-D3
Drums Max Roach A1-A8,B1-B7
Mandola Chuck Wayne A1
Piano George Wallington
Trumpet Donald Byrd C1-C3,D1-D3

Recorded at WOR Studios
Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey
Remastered at Fantasy Studios
[r3797620]’, recorded September 4, 1952 (A1 to A8)
[m1655877]’, recorded May 25, 1953 (B1 to B7)
[m516012]’, recorded January 20, 1956 (C1 to D3).
Recorded By : Rudy Van Gelder
Remastered by : David Turner


George Wallington Quintet - Our Delight
Love Beat
Love Beat
Summer Rain
Red, White and Blue

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