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The Memorable Claude Thornhill

Claude Thornhill

Label : Columbia
Reference : KG 32906, KG 32907, X 698
Date : 1975

A1 Snowfall C. Thornhill [Claude Thornhill] 3:00
A2 Hungarian Dance No. 5 2:41
A3 Traumerai 2:48
A4 Portrait Of A Guinea Farm C. Thornhill [Claude Thornhill] 3:08
A5 Where Or When R. Rodgers-L. Hart [Rodgers & Hart] 2:59
B1 Night and Day Cole Porter 3:05
B2 Grieg’s Piano Concerto Edvard Grieg 3:14
B3 There’s A Small Hotel R. Rodgers-L. Hart [Rodgers & Hart] 3:20
B4 I Don’t Know Why E. Maresca [Ernie Maresca] 2:56
B5 Moonlight Bay E. Madden [Edward Madden], P. Wenrich [Percy Wenrich] 2:43
C1 Buster’s Last Stand C. Thornhill [Claude Thornhill], G. Evans [Gil Evans] 2:53
C2 Moments Like This B. Lane [Burton Lane], F. Loesser [Frank Loesser] 2:58
C3 A Sunday Kind Of Love A. Leonard [Anita Leonard], B. Belle [Barbara Belle], L. Prima [Louis Prima], S. Rhodes [Stan Rhodes] 3:24
C4 Warsaw Concerto R.S. Addinsell [Richard Addinsell] 3:09
C5 Anthropology C. Parker [Charlie Parker], J. Gillespie [Dizzy Gillespie], W. Bishop [Walter Bishop, Jr.] 3:03
D1 Robbin’s Nest R. Jaquet [Illinois Jacquet], C. Thompson [Sir Charles Thompson] 3:17
D2 Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be) J.E. Davis [Jimmy Davis], J. Sherman [Jimmy Sherman], R.J. Ramirez [Roger Ramirez] 3:24
D3 Donna Lee G. Gates. [George Cates], L. Welk [Lawrence Welk] 3:24
D4 For Heaven’s Sake A. Bryan [Alfred Bryan], H. Frey [Hugo Frey] 3:24
D5 Yardbird Suite C. Parker [Charlie Parker] 3:31
Featured Artists
Alto Saxophone [Uncredited] Dale Brown A,B2
Alto Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] Bob Walters C1,C3
Alto Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] George Paulson A,B3-B5,C1-C2
Alto Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] Jack Ferrier B2-B5,C1-C3
Alto Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] Les Clarke C4-C5
Baritone Saxophone [Uncredited],Bass Clarinet [Uncredited] Marty Berman B2
Baritone Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] Bill Bushey C4-C5,D1-D3,D5
Bass Clarinet [Uncredited],Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited] Mickey Folus C4,C5,D
Clarinet [Uncredited] Danny Polo B3,B4,B5,C1,C2,C4,C5,D
Clarinet [Uncredited] Irving Fazola
Clarinet [Uncredited],Alto Saxophone [Uncredited] Lee Konitz D
Clarinet [Uncredited],Baritone Saxophone [Uncredited] Buddy Dean B3-B5,C1-C2
Clarinet [Uncredited],Baritone Saxophone [Uncredited] Ted Goddard A,B,C1-C3
Clarinet [Uncredited],Bass Clarinet [Uncredited],Baritone Saxophone [Uncredited] Chet Pardee C3
Clarinet [Uncredited],Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited] Hammond Russum A
Double Bass [Uncredited] Barney Spieler C3
Double Bass [Uncredited] Harvey Sell [Harvey Cell] A
Double Bass [Uncredited] Joe Shulman C4,C5,D
Double Bass [Uncredited] Marty Blitz B2-B5,C1-C2
Drums [Uncredited] Billy Exiner C3,C4,C5,D
Drums [Uncredited] Gene Lemon A
Drums [Uncredited] Irv Cottler B3-B5,C1
Drums [Uncredited] Lou Fromm B2
Guitar [Uncredited] Allen Hanlon A
Guitar [Uncredited] Barry Galbraith B2,B3,B4,B5,C1,C3,C4,C5,D
Horn [Uncredited] Harold Yelten C3
Horn [Uncredited] John Graas B,C1-C2
Horn [Uncredited] Sandy Siegelstein C3,C4,C5,D
Horn [Uncredited] Vincent Jacobs B,C1-C2
Horn [Uncredited] Walter Weschler [Walt Welscher] C4,C5,D
Piano [Uncredited],Leader Claude Thornhill
Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited] Gerald Sanfino D4-D5
Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited] Jack Dulong C3
Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited] Joe Aglora C3
Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] Carl Swift B2
Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] John Nelson A
Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited],Clarinet [Uncredited] Mario Rollo C4-C5
Trombone [Uncredited] Allan Langstaff C4,C5,D
Trombone [Uncredited] Bob Jenney A,C3
Trombone [Uncredited] Bud Smith B,C1-C2
Trombone [Uncredited] Jerry Rosa C3
Trombone [Uncredited] John Torick D1-D3
Trombone [Uncredited] Tak Takvorian C3,C4,C5,D
Trombone [Uncredited] Tasso Harris A,B,C1-C2
Trumpet [Uncredited] Bernie Savid C3
Trumpet [Uncredited] Bob Sprentall A
Trumpet [Uncredited] Clarence Willard C3
Trumpet [Uncredited] Conrad Gozzo A,B,C1-C2
Trumpet [Uncredited] Ed Zandy C4,C5,D
Trumpet [Uncredited] Emil Terry C4-C5
Trumpet [Uncredited] Jake Koven C3
Trumpet [Uncredited] Louis R. Mucci C3,C4,C5,D
Trumpet [Uncredited] Paul Cohen D1
Trumpet [Uncredited] Randy Brooks C1
Trumpet [Uncredited] Red Rodney D2-D5
Trumpet [Uncredited] Rusty Dedrick A
Trumpet [Uncredited] Steve Steck B3-B5,C1
Tuba [Uncredited] Bill Barber C4-C5,D1-D3

Mastered at Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman
According to liner notes, side A recorded in 1941, tracks B1 to C2 recorded in 1942, track C3 in 1946, and tracks C4 to D5 in 1947.
Electronically re-recorded to simulate stereo.

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