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Vol 1 Cool Blues

Charlie Parker

Label : Saga Eros - Saga
Reference : ERO 8005 - ERO 8005
Date : 1966

A1 Hallelujah <Red Norvo And His Selected Sextet>
A2 Slam Slam Blues <Red Norvo And His Selected Sextet>
A3 Confirmation <Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen>
A4 When I Grow Too Old To Dream <Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen>
A5 Diggin’ Diz <Dizzy Gillespie Jazzmen>
B1 Cool Blues <Charlie Parker>
B2 Dark Shadows <Charlie Parker>
B3 This Is Always <Charlie Parker>
B4 My Little Suede Shoes <Charlie Parker>
B5 Lester Leaps In <Charlie Parker>
Featured Artists
Alto Saxophone Charlie Parker A1-A2,A5,B1-B5
Bass Slam Stewart A1-A2
Drums Specs Powell A1
Piano Teddy Wilson A1-A2
Tenor Saxophone Flip Phillips A1-A2
Trumpet Dizzy Gillespie A1-A5
Vibraphone [Vibes] Red Norvo A1-A2
Drums J. C. Heard [J.C. Heard] A2
Bass Ray Brown A3-A5
Drums Stan Levey A3-A5
Guitar Arvin Garrison A3-A5
Piano Al Haig A3-A5
Piano Dodo Marmarosa A3-A5
Tenor Saxophone Lucky Thompson A3-A5
Vibraphone [Vibes] Milt Jackson A3-A5
Vocals Gillespie [Dizzy Gillespie] A4
Vocals Thompson [Lucky Thompson] A4
Vocals Jackson [Milt Jackson] A4
Bass Red Callender B1-B3
Drums Harold ’Doc’ West [Harold ’Doc’ West] B1-B3
Piano Errol Garner [Erroll Garner] B1-B3
Vocals Earl Coleman B2-B3
Bass Teddy Kotick B4-B5
Drums Max Roach B4-B5
Drums Roy Haynes B4-B5
Guitar Mundell Lowe B4-B5
Piano Walter Bishop [Walter Bishop, Jr.] B4-B5

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