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Cool Whalin’ - Be Bop Vocals, Rare And Unissued Material


Label : Spotlite Records
Reference : SPJ135, SPJ 135
Date : 1979

A1 I Don’t Want Love <Howard McGhee Quartet, Joe Carroll> 3:21
A2 Bye Bye Blackbird <Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood], Joe Sample Trio> 2:15
A3 Sugar Ray <Babs Gonzales> 2:41
A4 Cool Whalin’ <Babs Gonzales> 2:45
A5 But Beautiful <Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood], Joe Sample Trio> 3:03
A6 Gambler’s Blues <Howard McGhee Quartet, Joe Carroll> 2:53
A7 Let There Be Love <Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood], Joe Sample Trio> 2:14
A8 But Beautiful (Alternate Take) <Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood], Joe Sample Trio> 4:09
B1 Bless My Soul <Eddie Jefferson> 3:07
B2 Beautiful Memories <Eddie Jefferson> 2:52
B3 I’ll Remember April <Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood]> 2:36
B4 Gone With The Wind <Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood]> 2:47
B5 Oop-Bop-A-Da <Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood]> 3:43
B6 Especially To You <Frankie Passions> 2:37
B7 Nobody Knows <Frankie Passions> 2:57
B8 Searching Blues <Earl Coleman> 2:55
B9 Nightingale <Earl Coleman> 2:25
Featured Artists
Bass Joe Carboni A1,A6
Drums Dave Cox A1,A6
Piano Jim Roberts A1,A6
Trumpet Howard McGhee A1,A6
Vocals Joe Carroll A1,A6
Bass [Probably] Buster Williams A2,A5,A7-A8
Drums Stix Hooper [’Stix’ Hooper] A2,A5,A7-A8
Piano Joe Sample A2,A5,A7-A8
Vocals Kenny ’’Pancho’’ Hagood [Kenny Hagood] A2,A5,A7-A8,B3-B5
Baritone Saxophone Numa ’Pee Wee’ Moore [Pee Wee Moore] A3-A4
Bass Larry Goins A3-A4
Drums Chink Williams A3-A4
Piano Sadik Hakim A3-A4
Trombone Don Cole A3-A4
Trumpet Dave Burns A3-A4
Vocals Babs Gonzales A3-A4
Bass Unknown Artist B1-B2,B6-B7
Drums Unknown Artist B1-B2,B6-B7
Piano Unknown Artist B1-B2,B8-B9
Tenor Saxophone Unknown Artist B1-B2
Vocals Eddie Jefferson B1-B2
Bass Tommy Potter B3-B5
Drums J.C. Heard B3-B5
Piano Al Haig B3-B5
Piano Thelonious Monk B6-B7
Tenor Saxophone Charlie Rouse B6-B7
Trumpet Unknown Artist B6-B7
Vocals Frankie Passions B6-B7
Bongos Unknown Artist B8-B9
Guitar Unknown Artist B8-B9
Vocals Earl Coleman B8-B9

Recorded live, Los Angeles, November 1948
Recorded in probably New York City, circa 1948 (B8, B9), circa 1949/1950 (B1, B2), circa late 1950’s (B6, B7), circa 1970
Recorded in New York City, May 1952 (A3, A4), November 6, 1967