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Louis Armstrong Roy Eldridge Jazz Masterpieces


Label : The Franklin Mint Record Society [The Greatest Jazz Recordings Of All Time] [Institute Of Jazz Studies Official Archive Collection]
Reference : JAZZ 001 : 1/2/3/4
Date : 1982

# Records No. 1, 2—Louis Armstrong
A1 Alone At Last <The Southern Serenaders>
A2 Butter And Egg Man <Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five>
A3 Struttin With Some Barbecue <Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five>
A4 West End Blues <Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five>
A5 Symphonic Raps <Carroll Dickerson’s Savoyagers>
A6 Basin Street Blues <Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five>
B1 When Your Smiling <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
B2 After You’ve Gone <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
B3 Chinatown My Chinatown <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
B4 All Of Me <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
B5 Medley Of Armstrong Hits Part 1 : You Rascal You, Sleepy Time Down South, Nobody’s Sweetheart <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
B6 That’s My Home <Louis ArmstrongWithChick Webb & His Orchestra [Chick Webb And His Orchestra]>
C1 Dusky Stevedore <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
C2 Solitude <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
C3 Swing That Music <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
C4 Darling Nellie Gray <Louis Armstrong&The Mills Brothers>
C5 Alexander’s Rag Time Band <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
C6 Red Cap <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
D1 I Wonder <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
D2 Some Day <Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra [Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra]>
D3 You Rascal You <Louis ArmstrongWithLouis Jordan & His Tympany Five [Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five]>
D4 Song Of The Islands <Louis ArmstrongWithSy Oliver’s Orchestra [Sy Oliver And His Orchestra]>
D5 Avalon <Louis Armstrong&The Dukes Of Dixieland>
D6 Someday, Sweetheart <Louis Armstrong & The All Stars [Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars]>
# Records No. 3, 4—Roy Eldridge
E1 Here Comes Cookie <Teddy Hill & His Orchestra [Teddy Hill Orchestra]>
E2 Jangled Nerves <Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra [Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra]>
E3 Swing Is Here <Gene Krupa’s Swing Band>
E4 After You’ve Gone <Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra [Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra]>
E5 Wabash Stomp <Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra [Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra]>
E6 Heckler’s Hop <Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra [Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra]>
F1 What Shall I Say <Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra [Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra]>
F2 Rockin’ Chair <Gene Krupa & His Orchestra [Gene Krupa And His Orchestra]>
F3 The Gasser <Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra [Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra]>
F4 Minor Jive <Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra [Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra]>
F5 Fiesta In Brass <Little Jazz Trumpet Ensemble>
F6 St. Louis Blues <Little Jazz Trumpet Ensemble>
G1 Little Jazz <Artie Shaw & His Orchestra [Artie Shaw And His Orchestra]>
G2 Twilight Time <Roy Eldridge & His Orchestra [Roy Eldridge And His Orchestra]>
G3 Fireworks <Roy Eldridge&Claude Bolling>
G4 I Remember Harlem <King David & His Little Jazz [Roy ’King David’ Eldridge & His Little Jazz]>
G5 Easter Parade <King David & His Little Jazz [Roy ’King David’ Eldridge & His Little Jazz]>
G6 School Days <Roy Eldridge Sextet>
H1 Dale’s Wail <Roy EldridgeWithOscar Peterson Trio [The Oscar Peterson Trio]>
H2 I Still Love Him So <The Roy Eldridge, Benny Carter Quintet>
H3 Wailing <Roy Eldridge>
H4 How Long Has This Been Going On <Roy EldridgeWithRuss Garcia’s Orchestra [Russell Garcia And His Orchestra]>
H5 Hanid <Coleman Hawkins-Roy Eldridge>
H6 Undecided <Roy Eldridge Trio>
Featured Artists
Vocals May Alix A2
Vocals Carr [Mancy Carr] A6
Vocals,Celesta Hines [Earl Hines] A6
Alto Saxophone Arthur Davey B5
Alto Saxophone Louis Jordan B5
Brass Bass Ed Hayes B5
Drums Benny Hill B5
Piano Wesley Robinson B5
Tenor Saxophone Ellsworth Blake B5
Trumpet Charlie Gaines B5
Alto Saxophone Edgar Sampson B6
Double Bass Elmer James B6
Guitar John Trueheart B6
Piano Don Kirkpatrick B6
Trumpet Billy Hicks B6
Trumpet Louis Hunt B6
Banjo Mike McKendrick C1
Brass Bass Bill Oldham C1
Clarinet,Alto Saxophone George Oldham C1
Clarinet,Alto Saxophone Scoville Brown C1
Piano Charlie Beal C1
Tenor Saxophone Budd Johnson C1
Trombone Keg Johnson C1
Trumpet Ellis Whitlock [Elmer Whitlock] C1
Trumpet Zilner Randolph C1,B3-B4
Trombone Harry White C2
Trombone Leo (Snub) Mosely [Leo ’Snub’ Mosley] C3
Vocals Donald Mills C4
Vocals Harry [Harry Mills] C4
Vocals Herbert [Herbert Mills] C4
Vocals,Guitar John Mills C4
Alto Saxophone Jules Rubin D1
Alto Saxophone Sid Stoneburn D1
Baritone Saxophone Paul Ricci D1
Double Bass Bob Haggart D1
Drums Johnny Blowers D1
Guitar Carl Kress D1
Piano Dave Bowman D1
Tenor Saxophone Art Rollini [Arthur Rollini] D1
Tenor Saxophone Bill Stegmeyer D1
Trumpet Billy Butterfield D1
Celesta Johnny Guarnieri D2
Clarinet,Baritone Saxophone Ernie Caceres D2
Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone Peanuts Hucko D2
Double Bass Al Hall D2
Guitar Al Casey D2
Trombone Jack Teagarden D2
Trumpet Bobby Hackett D2
Alto Saxophone,Vocals Jordan [Louis Jordan] D3
Double Bass Bob Bushnell D3
Drums Joe Morris D3
Guitar Bill Jennings D3
Piano Bill Doggett D3
Tenor Saxophone Josh Jackson D3
Trumpet Aaron Izenhall D3
Alto Saxophone George Dorsey D4
Alto Saxophone Hilton Jefferson D4
Clarinet Edmond Hall D4
Double Bass Squire Gersh D4
Drums Barrett Deems D4
Guitar Everett Barksdale D4
Tenor Saxophone Lucky Thompson D4
Trombone Trummy Young D4
Banjo Jac Assunto D5
Brass Bass Rich Matteson D5
Clarinet Jerry Fuller D5
Drums Owen Mahoney D5
Piano Stan Mendelsohn [Stanley Mendelson] D5
Trombone Fred Assunto [Freddie Assunto] D5
Trumpet Frank Assunto D5
Double Bass John Brown D6
Trombone Tyree Glenn D6
Alto Saxophone,Clarinet Howard Johnson E1
Alto Saxophone,Clarinet Russell Procope E1
Double Bass Richard Fulbright [Richard ’Dick’ Fullbright] E1
Drums Bill Beason E1
Guitar John Smith E1
Piano Sam Allen E1
Tenor Saxophone Hill [Teddy Hill] E1
Trombone Dickie Wells E1
Trumpet Bill Coleman E1
Trumpet Bill Dillard E1
Trumpet Roy Eldridge E1
Alto Saxophone Buster Bailey E2
Alto Saxophone Omer Simeon E2
Guitar Bob Lessey E2
Piano Horace Henderson E2
Trombone Ed Cuffee E2
Trombone Fernando Arbello E2
Trumpet Dick Vance E2
Clarinet Benny Goodman E3
Guitar Allan Reuss E3
Piano Jess Stacy E3
Alto Saxophone,Clarinet Benny Carter F1
Double Bass Milt Hinton F1
Guitar Danny Barker F1
Piano Wilson [Teddy Wilson] F1
Tenor Saxophone Ernie Powell F1
Vocals Billie Holiday F1
Alto Saxophone Musky Ruffo F2
Alto Saxophone,Clarinet Sam Musiker F2
Baritone Saxophone Sam Listengart F2
Double Bass Ed Mihelich F2
Guitar Ray Biondi [Remo Biondi] F2
Piano Milt Raskin F2
Tenor Saxophone Walter Bates F2
Trombone Babe Wagner F2
Trombone Jay Kelliher F2
Trombone John Grassi F2
Trumpet Graham Young F2
Trumpet Norm Murphy [Norman Murphy] F2
Trumpet Torg Halten F2
Alto Saxophone Lou Prisby G1
Alto Saxophone Rudy Tanza [Rudolph Tanza] G1
Baritone Saxophone Chuck Gentry G1
Double Bass Morrie Rayman [Morris Rayman] G1
Drums Lou Fromm G1
Piano Dodo Marmarosa G1
Tenor Saxophone Jon Walton G1
Tenor Saxophone Ralph Roselund [Ralph Rosenlund] G1
Trombone Bob Swift G1
Trombone Gus Dickson [Gus Dixon] G1
Trombone Harry Rogers [Harry Rodgers] G1
Trombone Ollie Wilson G1
Trumpet Bernie Glow G1
Trumpet George Schwartz G1
Alto Saxophone Kirby Alexander [Curby Alexander] G2
Double Bass Billy Taylor [Billy Taylor Sr.] G2
Guitar Snags Allen G2
Piano Ted Brannon [Teddy Brannon] G2
Tenor Saxophone Franz Jackson G2
Tenor Saxophone Hal Singer G2
Trombone George Stevenson G2
Trombone Sandy Williams G2
Trombone Vic Dickenson G2
Trombone Wilbur De Paris G2
Trumpet Pinky Savitt G2
Trumpet Robert Mason [Robert ’Cookie’ Mason] G2
Trumpet Sidney De Paris G2
Piano Bolling [Claude Bolling] G3
Baritone Saxophone William Boucaya G4
Double Bass Barney Spieler G4
Drums Robert Barnet G4
Piano Raymond Fol G4
Tenor Saxophone Albert Ferreri G4
Trombone Benny Vasseur G4
Double Bass Pierre Michelot G5
Drums Kenny Clarke G5
Piano Gerry Wiggins [Gerald Wiggins] G5
Double Bass Thore Jederby G6
Drums Andrew Burman [Anders Burman] G6
Piano Charles Norman [Charlie Norman] G6
Tenor Saxophone Carl-Henrik Norin G6
Trombone Lennart Sundvall G6
Vocals Eldridge [Roy Eldridge] G6
Double Bass Ray Brown H1
Organ Peterson [Oscar Peterson] H1
Alto Saxophone Carter [Benny Carter] H2
Double Bass John Simmons H2
Piano Bruce McDonald [Bruce MacDonald] H2
Piano Eldridge [Roy Eldridge] H3
Conductor Garcia [Russell Garcia] H4
Double Bass George Duvivier H5
Drums Mickey Sheen H5
Piano Hank Jones H5
Tenor Saxophone Hawkins [Coleman Hawkins] H5
Double Bass George Tucker H6
Drums Oliver Jackson H6
Alto Saxophone Andrew (Good) Gardner [Andrew ’Goon’ Gardner] F3-F4
Alto Saxophone Bert Curry A5,B1-B2
Alto Saxophone Charlie Holmes C2-C3,C5-C6
Alto Saxophone Crawford Wethington A5,B1-B2
Alto Saxophone Henry Jones C2-C3
Alto Saxophone Joe Eldridge E4-E6,F3-F4,G2
Alto Saxophone Pete Clark B6,C5-C6
Alto Saxophone Scoops Carry [Scoops Carey] E4-E6
Alto Saxophone,Clarinet Lester Boone B3-B4
Alto Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Clarinet George James B3-B4
Banjo Johnny St. Cyr A2-A3
Banjo Mancy Carr A4-A6,B1-B2
Baritone Saxophone Dave McRae D4,G2
Brass Bass Pete Briggs A5,B1-B2
Clarinet Buster Bailey D6,E2
Clarinet Jimmy Strong A4-A6,B1-B2
Clarinet Johnny Dodds A2-A3
Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone Albert Nicholas C5-C6
Double Bass Israel Crosby E2-E3,F5-F6
Double Bass John Lindsay B3-B4
Double Bass Pops Foster C2-C3,C5-C6
Double Bass Ted Sturgis F3-F4
Double Bass Truck Parham E4-E6
Drums Alvin Stoller H2-H3
Drums Cozy Cole D2,F1,F5-F6,G2
Drums Krupa [Gene Krupa] E3,F2
Drums Harold (Doc) West [Harold ’Doc’ West] F3-F4
Drums Jo Jones D6,H1
Drums Paul Barbarin C2-C3,C5-C6
Drums Sid Catlett [Sidney Catlett] C1,E2
Drums Alfred (Tubby) Hall [Tubby Hall] B3-B4
Drums Zutty Singleton A4-A6,B1-B2,E4-E6
Guitar Barney Kessel G1,H1
Guitar John Collins E4-E6
Guitar Lee Blair C2-C3,C5-C6
Guitar Mike McKendrick B3-B4
Piano Billy Kyle D4,D6
Piano Charlie Alexander B3-B4
Piano Earl Hines A4-A6
Piano Gene Anderson B1-B2
Piano Johnny Guarnieri F5-F6
Piano [Lil Hardin Armstrong [Lil Hardin-Armstrong]->https://jazzstation-archives.be/spip.php?page=recherche&recherche=%22Lil+Hardin-Armstrong%22] A2-A3
Piano Luis Russell C2-C3,C5-C6
Piano Rozelle Gayle F3-F4
Piano Teddy Cole E4-E6
Tenor Saxophone Bingie Madison C2-C3,C5-C6
Tenor Saxophone Dave Young E4-E6
Tenor Saxophone Elmer Williams B6,E2
Tenor Saxophone Greely Walton C2-C3
Tenor Saxophone Ike Quebec F3-F4
Tenor Saxophone Jimmy Strong A5,B1-B2
Tenor Saxophone Chu Berry [Leon ’Chu’ Berry] E1-E3
Tenor Saxophone,Clarinet Al Washington [Albert Washington] B3-B4
Trombone Charlie Green A1,B6
Trombone Fred Robinson A4-A6,B1-B2
Trombone George Matthews C5-C6
Trombone George Washington C5-C6
Trombone J.C. Higginbotham C5-C6
Trombone Jimmy Archey C2-C3
Trombone Kid Ory A2-A3
Trombone Preston Jackson B3-B4
Trumpet Emmett Berry F5-F6
Trumpet Gus Aiken C2-C3
Trumpet Henry (Red) Allen [Henry ’Red’ Allen] C5-C6
Trumpet Homer Hobson A5,B1-B2
Trumpet Joe Thomas E2,F5-F6
Trumpet Leonard Davis C2-C3
Trumpet Armstrong [Louis Armstrong] A1-A6,B1-B6,C1-C6,D1-D6
Trumpet Louis Bacon B6,C2-C3,C5-C6
Trumpet Paul Cohen G1-G2
Trumpet Eldridge [Roy Eldridge] E2-E6,F1-F6,G1-G6,H1-H6
Trumpet Shelton Hemphill C5-C6
Violin Carroll Dickerson B1-B2
Vocals Gladys Palmer E4-E5
Vocals Armstrong [Louis Armstrong] A2,A4,A6,B2-B6,C1-C6,D1-D6